Kingdom Communications

The Kingdom Communication Officer coordinates information between the offices of Kingdom Chronicler, Kingdom Webminister and Kingdom Social Media Officer, and manages the release library.

Kingdom Communication Officer

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KCO Deputies

Baroness Isabetta de San Marco

Social Media Officer (KSMO)

Baroness Isabetta de San Marco

Social Media Deputies

Mistress Anneke von Eisenberg: Moderator, Reporting, Graphics
Lady Isabetta de San Marcos: Reporting, Instagram
Lord Leopold von Heidelberg: Crown List Glossator
Lord Snorri Smedsonn: Technical, Video
THL Gwydion ap Lewyllen: Photography, Reporting
THL Bjorn the Hunter: Moderator


Release Forms

Group Webminister Warrant

Webminister-At-Large Sign Up Info

Reporting Dates

January-March report due April 10th
April-June report due July 10th
July-September report due Oct 10th
October-December report due Jan 10th
Reports require no special forms; please see the "reporting" section of the webmin handbook for more info.